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Only Braille scale AFV


"MINISUKE" is a meaning of "Braille Scale" in Japanese.

and "YA" is a meaning of "Pavilion" or "House" in Japanese.

"MINISUKE-YA" is my handle on the Web. 

I'm the man who lives in Sapporo where it's in the Japanese north.
I don't have an airbrush.
And I do all work by a paintbrush.

English version is a few pages for this home page.
You use a translation software, please to read other pages.

A lot of pictures are here here.
Even if you don't know the meaning of the sentences written by Japanese,
it's possible to enjoy the contents of a home page.

Sep.11.2017  "How to"  Updated.

introduction It introduces a basic policy of this homepage with me.
Gallery1(AFV model) The exhibition of the scene "AFV Dio".
Gallery2(AVIATION model?)   The exhibition of the scene "AVIATION Dio?".
Production record   It introduces the fabrication process by "Annex atelier".
How to Build braille-scale It introduces my production technique.
Pics Fourum & diary Writing very welcome
Links   Only an attractive homepage : all.

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